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Practice Your Life Daily
Practice Your Life Daily

Together, we are working toward a Healthier community through Ayurveda and Fitness Training.

Working Toward a Healthier Community through Ayurveda and Fitness Training

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that literally translates into the science of life. It can also be translated as the science of medicine. Ayurveda dates back 5,000 years and has looked into the human body in a way that has broken down every part of the body and how it interacts with nature. In other words it is not humans and nature, its humans are nature and nature is human. Ayurvedic medicine has been around longer than any other medicine and because of that it was the original knowledge used to fix ailments and “dis-ease” in the body.


8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Intensive

The Practice 8 Week Fitness Intensive is going to take you through a total body, mind and nutritional transformation. It will allow you to learn about getting healthy from the base up. It doesn’t matter if you have never stepped into a gym before or you’ve been an athlete all your life. The whole point of these eight weeks is to not only work out and eat better but to learn how to achieve fitness and nutritional goals through the extent of the rest of your life. Stop chasing the goal, it’s time to actually achieve it and keep it. I am going to get you to your greatest goals and accomplishments. What you set your mind to, you will achieve. There is no greater accomplishment than proving to yourself that you are more than capable to go past your limitations. I will get you there.

8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Intensive Las Vegas
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We are based on the principles that we are to just fall in line with society and medial ways. For those that walk their own path and determine their outcomes through internal search and meditation. Answers come to you through silence. Defy going outward for all your questions and look within. Those that understand you have to suffer to know happiness, that there is no light without darkness, that you are duality. Acknowledge this power and be rebellious against the masses, be a Rebellious Yogi!

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Personal Trainer
Maya Navarra

The 8 week physical challenge led by Julia was life changing for me. Not only was I pushed and challenged with my physical exercises, but the mental growth and change was so powerful!

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Registered Nurse
Angela Duncan

I immediately found that Julia was very knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. We have accomplished all of the fitness and health goals that I have set.

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David Harper

Why do I always brag about my training with Julia to whoever will listen? Because of her high standards and her creativity. She is always improving and learning, while having fun too.

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