Be A Better Version Of Yourself

Be a better version of yourselfPeople of this culture don’t really even understand the thought process that goes behind preventative care. Most people go to the doctor when they are sick. They don’t go just to make sure that everything is in order. Preventative medicine is there as a way to keep you healthy so that you don’t get sick. Understanding that your diet and lifestyle choices truly contribute to your overall outcome of health. If you are going to the doctor just to get a pill or a shot for a quick fix you have yet to see that, that way of treatment isn’t hitting the root cause of why you are there in the first place. I do understand that some ailments do need a quick fix but the next question you should ask yourself is what can I do now to make sure that this never happens again? Instead most just go back into habitual ritual. Wake up and start taking care of yourself now. It truly is never to late to start. Start learning which foods are best for you as an individual not what you read in some magazine, notate if some of your lifestyle choices that you are making are not suitable for your health, and realize that sometimes you need to go inward and find silence to even collect those thoughts. Life isn’t always about being loud. Sometimes it is beneficial to step outside of your self for a minute and try and look at your own self from an outside view. Start to notice yourself and your patterns. Be a better version of yourself. Learn your lessons. Rise and Thrive.