Benefits of Kati Basti (Kati Vasti)

Benefits of Kati Basti

Kati Basti is a treatment of which a dough ring is placed around the place of discomfort, disease, or injury and medicinal oil is then poured for a duration of time (generally 30 minutes) to completely relieve the area of discomfort. This in Ayurveda is considered a Snehana or Oleation treatment. The procedure is followed by a marma point massage to get to the root of the problem. The treatment is then concluded with Swedana or sweating of the body. This can be done with hot towel therapy or a sauna. The treatment takes 45 Minutes to an Hour. In my office I do this treatment for 1 hour. The treatment should be done anywhere from 7 to 21 treatments to get to the causative factor and full relief of the chief complaint.


1. Beneficial for those with Sciatica. This is one of the main reasons people come to see me is in relation to having sciatica. Kati Basti is best for this and I’ve seen the most relief for my patients as opposed to any other form of treatment.
2. Also beneficial in cases of slipped disc, all spine related issues and lumbar spondylosis
3. Good for all backaches in both men and women
4. Beneficial in degenerative disc disorders
5. Intervertebral disc protrusion
6. Can strengthen the vertebrae, muscles, joints, cartilage and ligaments of the back
7. Removes inflammation, pain, and swelling
8. Beneficial in herniation of the disc
9. Works with Sacral Chakra energy disorders
10. Aids in hip discomfort
11. Can help regulate bowel movement
12. Is beneficial for female reproductive related disorders such as endometriosis and menstrual issues
13. Is completely relaxing to the overall body