Benefits of Regular Exercise

1. Control of WeightBenefits of Regular Exercise
a. Fat Channel
b. Muscle Channel
i. Muscle burns fat so don’t just do cardiovascular activity and assume the weight will stay away. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.
ii. Calories in, calories out; your daily caloric intake and expenditure matter. Start to pay attention to this and track it.
2. Exercise can balance your hormones. People with reproductive related issues related to infertility, thyroid, etc. would benefit from exercising every day. This does not mean go overboard and over working out. To much exercise can hinder your body’s natural balance.
3. Aids in the control of major diseases especially cardiovascular related disease (that is if you are doing cardiovascular exercise). Sometimes bodybuilders will skip cardio and lose sight of the actual benefit of it. It is good to have a balance of both if you are going for overall health.
4. Helps to release dopamine which aids in a positive mood and outlook. Feeling depressed? Going outside and going for a walk could be one of the best things you do for yourself. Nature and physical activity are a natural way of finding true happiness and connectivity.
5. Raise your libido and remove some issues related to male and female reproductive systems such as erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual need, and natural hormone balance.
6. Oxygen release from exercise into the body’s tissues can help increase overall stamina and endurance which will give you more energy.
7. Exercising at appropriate hours can aid in deeper sleep. Knowing when to workout is key.
8. Having a body that is physically fit can help with complete system stability. Stronger bones, muscles and joints. Your foundation for living is stronger.
9. Sweating on a regular basis helps to remove toxins from the system
10. Exercising regularly helps you make better food and lifestyle choices. It helps in bringing you to the best form of yourself.
11. Can give you confidence that you may not have experienced before.
12. Helps you push towards goals with self-determination and self-discipline.