Many years of self neglect had left me in bad shape and not feeling my best. It’s not always easy to be a caregiver for the people around you without forgetting to care for yourself. A little over a year ago, I knew I had to try. So I did, and yes I felt some… Read more “Amnesty Cortner”

Amnesty Cortner

I’ve lost over 40lbs during the last 3 years under Julia’s nutritional and exercise plan, which includes ayurvedic herbs and supplements. I went through a traumatic event which left me in a state of disconnect between my diet, health, and wellbeing. I am so grateful for Julia. She is a pure source of wisdom. When… Read more “Jennifer Bozzalla, Esthetician”

Jennifer Bozzalla, Esthetician

I have had the privilege of working with Julia Katcher for over two years. Her knowledge, compassion, and understanding of the human mind and body is immense. As a clinical psychologist in private practice my work requires me to help client’s find their way through mental mine fields. Self care is something that comes up… Read more “Seraina Naef, Clinical Psychologist (Psy 25505)”

Seraina Naef, Clinical Psychologist (Psy 25505)

Julia Katcher has so so much to offer, Julia’s super knowledgeable and gentle, tough when needed and effective to help you change inside out. I know because Julia was my trainer, using body strength, freehand weights along with cardio in many different ways, i never got bored and my body never got too use to… Read more “Connie Cataldo, Hair Stylist”

Connie Cataldo, Hair Stylist

Why do I always brag about my training with Julia to whoever will listen? Because of her high standards and her creativity. She is always improving and learning, while having fun too. And this attitude is infectious. Let’s get real: most people don’t get great results because they just show up (to the gym) and… Read more “David Harper, CEO”

David Harper, CEO

How many hours of my 44 years have been spent searching for that ‘miracle’ diet? The one to cure my chronic constipation, bloating and cramping, and let’s not forget the insomnia and its faithful companion, fatigue. How much money have I spent on new cookbooks, oils, spices, flours and nutritional supplements considered essential for each… Read more “S. Squarey, Artist”

S. Squarey, Artist

Julia and I met about 7 years ago and I instantly knew she would have a life changing effect on me. I began as her kickboxing student and she quickly became my mentor and inspiration. The beneficial physical aspect was clear but more importantly were the life lessons that carry me today. I am currently… Read more “Maya Navarra, Stay at Home Mom/Kickboxing Instructor/Personal Trainer”

Maya Navarra, Stay at Home Mom/Kickboxing Instructor/Personal Trainer
Palos Verdes Estates

My name is Angela, I’m a 26 year old registered nurse. I learned about Julia’s services through my gym (atomic boxing). I chose her group fitness classes because she kept me engaged and challenged. I became interested in her Ayurvedic services because I had tried everything else for my IBS. I immediately found that Julia… Read more “Angela Duncan, RN”

Angela Duncan, RN

I have been training with Julia for 3 months. I have always been a fitness enthusiast but always had some parts of body that had extra fat. Ever since I started working with Julia, so many people have commented how good and healthy I look since she started training me. I have definitely leaned out… Read more “Sunni Moon”

Sunni Moon

Julia was referred to us about 9 weeks ago by our daughter who attends her fitness class. My husband and I wanted to lose a few pounds, we had never seen a nutritionist before. At our initial consultation with Julia, she immediately made us feel comfortable, and that we can achieve our goals, she patiently… Read more “Shirley & Daniel Prieto”

Shirley & Daniel Prieto