Let People Speak and Live

Let people speak and liveLet people speak and live. Let them be who they want to be. Let them live in their highest purpose. Honor their pathway. Know that even if it may affect you it is not your path. You have no control over what others do or say. Their path, their life. Just find support from a positive, loving and kind place or even a silent non reactionary place. No need for harsh words, gossip, anger or hate towards another human that you may or may not know what they are going through or where their intention lies. You are you and as long as you are standing in your purpose there is no need to judge others. Judgement lies in the emotion, the fear, the insecurity, and the ego. Love without any conditions. Though this may seem hard you have to understand you are going to be disappointed when you find out the world isn’t all positive, sunshine, and pleasantries. You have to understand the shadow self and the light self to find the whole. All of you has beauty, even those most undesirable life moments have beauty. Find it and spread it. Rise up above.