Meditation is truly a practice

Meditation is truly a practiceA lot of people talk to me about meditation. A lot say they can’t meditate but what they are really saying to me is that they can’t sit still with themselves, they can’t be alone and be comfortable. Meditation is truly a practice. It has to be done everyday in order for you to be able to do it or become “good” at it. Even if at the beginning you are only able to sit for five minutes, honor each of those minutes as sacredly yours. Meditation brings you into self discovery and self realization. When you become aware and accustomed to this practice wisdom starts showing up as visions. You will be far more in tune to your surroundings and much more available to yourself. Today people tend towards looking outward for their happiness when in reality it has been sitting within you the whole time. If you can’t sit quietly and just observe your thoughts, practice just watching your breath. Inhale for four counts, exhale for four counts and keep this pattern. Watch your mind disconnect from the mundane and move into the extraordinary. It is a daily practice.