8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Intensive

8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Intensive

The Practice 8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Intensive is going to take you through a total body, mind and nutritional transformation. Furthermore, It will allow you to learn about getting healthy from the base up. It doesn’t matter if you have never stepped into a gym before or you’ve been an athlete all your life. The whole point of these eight weeks is to not only work out and eat better but to learn how to achieve fitness and nutritional goals through the extent of the rest of your life. Stop chasing the goal, it’s time to actually achieve it and keep it. I am going to get you to your greatest goals and accomplishments. What you set your mind to, you will achieve. There is no greater accomplishment than proving to yourself that you are more than capable to go past your limitations. I will get you there.

What does it include?

    1. Fitness (Group and Individual Counseling)
        1. Group Sessions will include 5 classes a week of any of the below
          1. Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Kenpo techniques on and off the heavy bag
          2. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
          3. Weight training utilizing both bodybuilding and body sculpting techniques
          4. Ballet Barre Work
          5. Yoga

      The system of these used together will allot the body to find high cardio, explosive and extensive strength capability and balance, agility and flexibility.

      1. Individual Sessions will include
        1. One on One counseling once a week for any questions or concerns you have about the nutrition or fitness aspect
        2. Getting you to your individualized goal rather it be a lean, long body, massive bodybuilder, athlete, explosive agility, weight loss, weight gain. Etc.
        3. The joy of the individual session is to narrow down all goals to keep you on track and focused.

    1. Nutritional Counseling
      1. Each client in the 8 week program will get an individualized eating plan in accordance to them specifically
      2. A 1-2 hour sit down to go over all of your body and mind related issues to set you on a path for life not just this 8 weeks
      3. The nutritional plan will be based in both Western and Eastern philosophy so that you will get the utmost information on vitamins, supplements, herbals and diet.
      4. Learn about the foods you are eating in 4 seminars, from basics to advanced
      5. Opportunity to pick your food from The Practice garden

    1. Daily Challenge
      1. These are exercises you do daily at home to amplify your regimen and they are done daily (7 days a week)
      2. These are not extreme or very difficult, they are just to keep the blood pumping every single day

    1. A personal Coach, Myself, to push you and help you grow in your fitness and health journey. I will be there with you every step of the way. This 8 weeks will only include 5 participants every 8 weeks so it becomes very intimate and private.

  1. You will receive and individualized packet specific to your goals and ayurvedic constitution along with how to be successful in the program.

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