Healing Treatments

Healing Treatments

The Practice offers different modalities of healing treatments. All treatments are 45 minutes to one hour in length and will include both the oleation (snehana) and hot steam cleansing (swedana). This way of cleansing allows the medicated oil to move deeper internally and target the root cause within the body of which need correction and treatment. The Practice understands that each individual is unique, and treatment should be specific to them. In each treatment the medicated oil will be chosen in accordance to the prakriti (doshic constitution) and the vikriti (specific ailment) of the client/patient.

An athlete with damage to the body? No problem! The Practice has treated many athletes through the different massage techniques to get the athlete back into the game. Not only does The Practice treat athletes we also treat those with arthritic related issues, back issues and deep-rooted pain.

Nasya is a treatment we offer that is meant for diseases of the ears, nose, and throat. In addition, it is also beneficial in mental related issues, calming of the mind and clearing up the skin. Furthermore, The Practice offers treatments that aid your insomnia, vata dominated diseases, memory loss, mental disorders, or high anxiety, while getting complete relaxation. Our healing treatments can induce a deep meditation and higher states of thought processes. Truly a delightful experience. As you move further into complete health through ayurvedic treatments, change in diet and lifestyle your senses become more prevalent and you start to understand why you are the way you are a bit more. The healing treatments we offer are highly beneficial because they will bring you a joy that you’ve never experienced before.

Come and achieve deep peace from the world’s oldest transformational therapies. Browse through several of our healing treatments below to begin the healing and peace of mind you deserve.


Indian Hot Oil Massage


A Steady Flow of Warm Oil Onto The Forehead


Herbal Infused Hot Oil Treatment

Janu Basti

Special Lubricating Therapy Applied Primarily To The Knee

Kati Basti

Specialized Lower Back Therapy Using Herbal Oils


Herbal Infused Oil For The Nasal Passages & Delicate Areas


Herbal Paste Treatment

Reiki Energy Healing

Correcting Your Body Energy