Janu Basti


Janu meaning knee is the main area of importance during this treatment.



Basti itself means a way of retaining medicated oil over a specific area. During this treatment, the client will lie down either on their back and a vessel made of urad dal dough will be surrounding the area of treatment. Oil is then poured in the vessel and held there for deep penetrating action on the targeted space. This treatment aids in conditions such as knee strain, bursitis, osteoporosis, pain in the knee joint, patellar tendinitis, arthritis in the knee joint, aids in mobility due to the increase of vata. Highly recommended if you are experiencing any knee related issues.

All treatments are One hour in length and will include both the oleation (Snehana) and hot steam cleansing (Swedana). This way of cleansing allows the medicated oil, which will be chosen in accordance to the prakriti or dosha of the client/patient, to tend to the exact ailments of the body that need correction and treatment.