Reiki Energy Healing

This treatment involves correcting your energy body.

If interested in this treatment, please contact me for personal assessment and pricing:

+1 702-409-0552



Reiki works in direct correlation with chakras. Specific areas of the body hold specific energy, like a map, it can tell us where you are holding, blocked, or not shining as your highest self. This treatment is like an ayurvedic consultation in the sense that we will go through a consult prior to treatment and proceed into cleansing of your energy fields. This treatment is highly beneficial because it can bring you into joy you’ve never experienced before, your senses become more prevalent and you start to understand why you are the way you are a bit more. Genuinely something that should be experienced and available to your soul body. This treatment can range between 1 to 2 hours depending on the client.

All treatments are One hour in length.