This 45-minute treatment starts with a full head, neck and shoulder massage which is then preceded by oil pouring over the forehead to aid in insomnia, vata dominated diseases, memory loss, mental disorders, high anxiety, and complete relaxation.



Like dhara, the continuous flow continues in this treatment but this oil pouring is directly linked to the head. The shirodhara is one of Ayurveda’s most well-known treatments. This treatment can induce a deep meditation and higher states of thought processes. Truly a delightful experience.

All treatments are One hour in length and will include both the oleation (Snehana) and hot steam cleansing (Swedana). This way of cleansing allows the medicated oil, which will be chosen in accordance to the prakriti or dosha of the client/patient, to tend to the exact ailments of the body that need correction and treatment.