Subtle Therapies Used to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

There are many ways you can balance your energy centers. Through the food you eat, the lifestyle you live, growth of self and subtle therapies such as essential oils, sound therapy, gem therapy and color therapy. Below is a list of subtle therapies to aid the Ajna Chakra.

Sense of Smell Therapy: Essential oils, Candles or Incense

  • Frankincense: Helps awaken our spiritual awareness and brings to life our life’s purpose, aids in releasing the ego that holds us back, removes feelings of unworthiness and insecurity

  • Sandalwood: Gives greater intuition and a sense of awareness, helps with learning unconditional love, opens the memory up to past life experiences

  • Angelica Root: Helps assimilate higher energies and frequencies, helps connect you to your divinity, encourages our spirit to be free.

  • Bay Laurel: Heightens awareness and perception, Intuition is amplified along with clairvoyance.

  • Cypress: Give spiritual influence, removes stagnation and opens up to higher spirituality, allows protection to the physical being.

  • Clary Sage: Aids in deep meditation and allows for the dream state to occur alongside gives dreams during sleep, removes all negativity in the physical body and spiritual body.

  • Juniper: Removes negativity so we can dive deeper into higher spiritual consciousness, protects the soul at its deepest level.


  • Apophyllite: Calms and grounds the spirit, strong link to spiritual realm, facilitates journeys out of the body, releases suppressed emotion, releases mental blockages, great for reiki practitioners and masters.

  • Sodalite: Best stone for the mind, encourages truth and intuitive perception, allows for new information to be received, brings emotional balance, transforms defensive and oversensitive personalities, releases fear, phobia, guilt and control, enhances self-trust and self-esteem.

  • Moldavite: Transcends time when placed on the third eye, can allow you to go forth into the future or to visit past, helps those who can’t adjust to suffering and deep emotions, aids in inspiration, can help access spiritual information through the intellect, may give a huge rush of energy to the body when held, helps accelerate spiritual growth and the elevation of personal vibration.

  • Herkimer Diamond: Promotes creativity, powerful attunement crystal, stimulates psychic abilities, clears the chakras and allows for spiritual energy to flow through, brings the soul’s purpose forward, enhances telepathy, strongest crystal for clearing electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity.

  • Garnet: Inspires love and devotion, stone of commitment, useful to have in a crisis, strengthens the survival instinct, strong link to the pituitary gland, stimulates expanded awareness and past-life recall, clears negative chakra energy, sharpens the perception of self, dissolves ingrained behavior patterns, helps you let go of useless ideas.

  • Purple Fluorite: Stimulates the third eye, imparts common sense to psychic communication, helps meditation, helps treat the bones.

  • Royal Sapphire: Eliminates negative energies from chakras, stimulates the third eye, helps access information for growth, teaches responsibility for your own thoughts, helps in brain disorders.

  • Azeztulite: Expands your consciousness, helps elevate your vibrational frequency higher, a stone to handle with care for how high it transitions your frequency, aids meditation, induces a state of “no mind” and protects the physical body in the process, opens the third eye, crown and higher crown chakras, helps to see the future when used on the third eye.

  • Atacamite: Forcefully opens the third eye, creates powerful and vivid images alongside a strong spiritual connection, stone of great clarity in meditation, promotes connection to higher guidance, brings more unconditional love into the life.

Subtle Therapies Used to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

Sound Therapy

Keynote: A

Frequency: 426.7 Hz.

Vowel: Aye

Bija: Om

Element: All

Shabd Sound: Bells/Space

Color Therapy

Surround yourself with purple and indigo to illuminate your Ajna. Wear clothing of these colors and bring them inside and outside your home. Manifest beyond human wisdom.


Honor, Devotion, Spiritual Wisdom


Psychic Power, Enlightenment, Benevolence