Angela Duncan, RN

My name is Angela, I’m a 26 year old registered nurse. I learned about Julia’s services through my gym (atomic boxing). I chose her group fitness classes because she kept me engaged and challenged. I became interested in her Ayurvedic services because I had tried everything else for my IBS. I immediately found that Julia was very knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. I would describe my experience with Julia as successful. We have accomplished all of the fitness and health goals that I have set. And even some that Julia set for me as part of her 8 week fitness intensive. Working with Julia has changed the way I think about food and has given me higher standards/goals for my fitness. I feel that she taught me how to break through my plateaus also. I would recommend Julia to anyone who has chronic ailments they would like to get under control and anyone looking to achieve new fitness goals. I think she does a great job customizing plans for individual’s goals. I think anyone would be satisfied with her services.