David Harper, CEO

Why do I always brag about my training with Julia to whoever will listen? Because of her high standards and her creativity. She is always improving and learning, while having fun too. And this attitude is infectious. Let’s get real: most people don’t get great results because they just show up (to the gym) and go through the motions. But Julia does not really let me get away with that, thankfully! She is mindful and present, she notices everything–I would love to get to her level of presence. She always brings the motivation, but never in a way that I can’t handle, and always in a fun way. It never gets boring because she is always looking to add something or introduce a new idea. This is the creativity that I consider to be innovation. Why do some people get bored with training? Because often they fall into a dull, repetitive routine. Julia consistently looks for new ideas; even if they are small, they keep my mind fresh. This is huge, and if you are prone to getting bored while working out, you know what I mean. She is a dancer but her attitude toward continuous improvement is just like martial arts; to me, she embodies the best qualities of a high-level martial artist. I think most of us want two things from our training: results and fun. Julia’s intensity guarantees results, but she also brings an underlying enthusiasm for the practice of holistic improvement (i.e., body, mind, emotions) which guarantees you will have fun learning new things while you get your results.

I’ve worked with a lot of trainers and Julia is my favorite, ever. She introduced me to Ayurveda, which I had never heard of, and was a little intimated by. It’s an whole ancient system that is surging back into modern consciousness because it’s very natural. Like everything else she does, Julia brings enthusiasm and continuous improvement to her Ayurveda practice. I have only started to learn about it, but I am very excited with Julia as my guide. She’s the best of the best, you simply cannot go wrong to work with her. Good luck!