Maya Navarra, Stay at Home Mom/Kickboxing Instructor/Personal Trainer

Julia and I met about 7 years ago and I instantly knew she would have a life changing effect on me.

I began as her kickboxing student and she quickly became my mentor and inspiration. The beneficial physical aspect was clear but more importantly were the life lessons that carry me today.

I am currently a kickboxing instructor and personal trainer but the job that I am most proud of is raising our 2 beautiful daughters.

Healthy living has always been important to me and has always been a part of my life, but when I sat down with Julia to get a full Ayurvedic analysis, the changes that she had me implement were truly life changing.

Julia is an amazing wealth of knowledge and she took the time to truly understand my body and what would benefit me.

After following Julia’s guidelines, adding and removing certain foods from my diet, adding several Ayurvedic herbs to my morning and evening rituals, I felt truly amazing.

There is a balance and purity felt when you give your body what it needs.

The most important thing that Julia provides for her clients is the personal and individual attention. Each person is different and that is her expertise!

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Julia and would highly recommend her to others!

The 8 week physical challenge created and led by Julia was life changing for me. Not only was I pushed and challenged with my physical exercises, but the mental growth and change was so powerful!

As my body became stronger, my mind became sharper. I pushed myself more than I ever have and the fuel that I gave by body allowed me to do so.

The diet portion was also challenging for me as all my old habits had to be fought. Once the initial cravings ended, I felt clearer and better than I ever have. My sleep patterns improved, I didn’t have the highs and lows throughout the day and I had more energy!

My body felt as though it was running at its peak performance throughout this challenge.

The group interaction helped push me and keep me accountable and motivated. I loved seeing the changes in my body and with my mind. Each day took me to a new level and focus.

I enjoyed every moment of this…thank you Julia for including me in this challenge and truly seeing what hard work and dedication can do!

I have never felt as clear headed, strong, empowered and determined as I did during these 2 months!